What is Export Booster ?

Export Booster is a flagship program developed by Barai Overseas to bring Manufacturing units Merchant Exporters under one umbrella to boost their exports from India. This program also helps our overseas clients & students (book readers) to find right exporter from India for their products. We also educate our overseas clients & students that how importing products from India could be profitable for them in their countries.

  • Now we are also bringing Investors and Exporters under one umbrella to solve the financial problem of needy Exporter, so they do not cancel a big deal due to lack of funds.

Most of the India’s general cargo exports are carried out by merchant exporters ; they procure the goods either from manufacturing unit or through supplier in their own required brand name and sell it in foreign countries.

At present many manufacturing units are exporting their products directly to a very limited countries in spite of having willingness to explore their product globally they are unable to do so because of time constraint, so they also supply goods to Merchant Exporter who focus more on exports. In India an established trader (merchant) can obtain goods from manufacturing units with 3 to 6 months of credit period and same goods are used for exportation, so in this way the Merchant Exporter does this business without any investment and makes a significant profit. Manufacturing units are also happy as they get better price with safeguard of payment from Merchant Exporter then domestic traders. So it's a win win situation for both manufacturing unit and merchant exporter. To make this process more effective Export Booster has come into existence. 
✔ Fill in the forms to get right contacts to start, expand and boost your International business with Export Booster
How Export Booster Will Work ?

 Manufacturing Unit will fill a form & submit an application to us ( Blue  Form)

 Merchant Exporter will also fill a form & submit application (Purple Form)

 First the application would be internally studied & the most probable applicant for each other is determined

 If ideas match, we will pass application details to each other 

 Manufacturing Unit can arrange the meeting & proceed accordingly

 Also check out forms for Importers & Exporters along with financial assistance to crack a big deal

How Export Booster is useful for Manufacturing Unit?

It could help you to get

► Boost Sales 
► No Salary for International Marketing & Sales
► Could provide commission only on Sales
► Speedy Growth of your Business Profit
► Expand Business in each and every corner of the World
► Could get many Exporter working for your products 
► Could do tie up to route exports via Merchant Exporter to project your branded products worldwide.
How Export Booster is useful for Merchant Exporter ?

It could help you to get

► Big Business done without making Big Investment
► Get goods as per your Brand Name
► Get goods as per your Specification
► Could get goods on Credit / Commission 
► Expand Your Business Worldwide
► Could work with many Manufacturing Unit for different products
► Could enter into legal agreement with MFG Unit to enjoy monopoly in specific countries.

Form for Manufacturing Unit / Supplier


Form for Merchant Exporter


Form for Importer (Overseas Clients / Book Readers)


Form for Exporter (Clients / Students / Book Readers)


Form for Exporter who need Financial assistance to do a big deal